This list is various other as well as not complete medications may communicate with hydroxyzine. Inform your doctor regarding all drugs you use. This consists of prescribed, non-prescription, vitamin, and natural items. Do not start a brand-new medicine without telling your physician.

Keep in mind: This page includes info regarding the negative side effects of hydroxyzine. Several of the dose forms consisted of on this document may not apply to the brand Atarax.

Not all negative side effects for Atarax may be reported. You ought to consistently seek advice from a physician or medical care professional for medical guidance. Negative effects could be reported to the FDA here.

Hydroxyzine Atarax.

Nerves negative side effects have actually included moderate to mild drowsiness. This impact is generally short-lived and might go away with continued treatment or upon discontinuation of the representative. Migraine, fatigue, depression, uneasiness, insomnia, as well as sedation have actually also been stated with hydroxyzine (the active substance consisted of in Atarax) With more than advised dosages of hydroxyzine, uncontrolled motor tactics such as trembling and convulsions have actually been stated in uncommon circumstances. [Ref]

Gastrointestinal adverse effects have consisted of dry mouth (most usual negative side effects), nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and boosts in weight and also appetite. [Ref]

Atarax 25. Generic Atarax.

Respiratory adverse effects have actually consisted of the thickening of bronchial secretions. Rare occurrences of pharyngitis, bronchospasm, and also epistaxis have actually additionally been reported. [Ref]

Atarax 25 mg Tablet. Atarax Anxiety.

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